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At The Flat Roofing Company, we also have significant expertise and experience in pitched roofing and have installed countless successful projects across Bristol, the South West and beyond.

If you require pitched roofing in Bristol or the surrounding areas get in touch to discuss your requirements. Call 01179 059876 today for a quotation. 

From traditional slate roofing to modern clay and concrete tiles, we offer the perfect solution to help with your next pitched roofing project.

TCRC's roofing experts have extensive knowledge of the latest pitched roofing systems and work closely with leading manufacturers to install the very best products. In addition, all of our installations meet with current Building Regulations and Codes of Practice.


Pitched roofing products that we install include:

  • Traditional natural slate roofing
  • Lightweight composite steel tiling
  • Concrete and clay tiling
  • Various other expert systems 

What Are The Benefits Of Pitched Roofing?  

There is a wide range of benefits of pitched roofing services; this includes:

What Are The Benefits Of Pitched Roofing?

Long-lasting lifespan

Whether the pitched roof can last a long time depends on whether the project's construction and installation were done to a high quality by the roofing contractors. If the construction and installation quality is high, the lifespan will generally be much longer than a flat roof. The materials used for the pitched roof are also stronger, which reduces the need for maintenance compared to flat roofs or having a new pitched roof installed.  

The materials used will affect how much maintenance will be needed for the roof in the future and how long they will last. Clay and concrete slates are more than likely to last at least 60 years minimum if they are of good quality and installed correctly. Natural slate is generally stronger, which means they are capable of lasting around 80-100 years. However, this also depends on the quality of the material. 


The classical look of the pitched roofs are very versatile. Many different styles can be achieved using pitched roofing as they can be installed in different shapes and sizes depending on your designs.  The installation of a pitched roof provides you with the opportunity to blend with the local environment efficiently.    

Thermal insulation 

A pitched roof can provide great thermal insulation for the property. The natural ventilation underneath the final roof layer will stop you from spending too much money on energy for heating your home.  

A pitched roof can be around 15% more compact than an average flat roof. This means the thermal insulation is increased due to there being less surface area being exposed outside.

Energy Saving Pitched Roofing Bristol


Unlike the flat roofing style, the pitched roof has a slope where the water eventually falls off. This means the pitched roof is naturally better at protecting against the elements, but also, water cannot build upon a certain location and eventually get through.  

The pitched roof slope also makes it rather good for collecting solar rays from the sun using solar panels. If angled correctly, you could save yourself a bit of money in the future and assist the environment.    

Better loft space 

Due to the nature of pitched roofing, more space is available. This means that you can turn this little bit of space into any room or storage environment you want.

Energy savings 

With the pitched roofing having such good insulation, the amount of energy that you will use can be decreased by a decent number in terms of heating.

Protection against the weather

Pitched roofs are more commonly used as they provide much better protection against the elements and stormy wind. Also, the materials used on the roof can make it stronger and more resistant to different weathers.


The maintenance or repair of the pitched roof does not need to be a complete concern as they are a bit stronger than the average flat roof; however, this also depends on the type of materials used.

Rainwater reuse 

There are many places where harvesting rainwater that has fallen onto your house takes place. Pitched roofs are reasonably good for this if you want to, as you can get a reasonable amount of rainwater from this method for later use. The rainwater is relatively easy to gather as the external drainage systems are relatively simple to modify and maintain.  

Also, specific pitched roof tiles such as natural slate will not affect the rainwater quality due to it not being made out of other chemicals. 

Rainwater reuse Pitched Roofing Near Me Bristol

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